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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins

UK Cookie Consent

Let your users know about the use of cookies on your site with a simple to use and customizable fixed bar that informs every user to the site that cookies are being used, and links to a pre-populated page with more information.

Developer, Security

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Find the common problems that WordPress has when dealing with SSL certification, especially with external plugins and themes, and automatically fix them so that the HTTPS protocol is properly used.



Get rid of passwords altogether by using two-factor authorization. Install an app on your phone and use it to pair your smartphone to your site, automatically log in from trusted devices, and block everyone else.


WP Bouncer

If a user logs in from two devices at the same time, then they will be bounced to a login warning, stopping users from sharing their login information with others. Works automatically with several rounds of detection.



Provides security for your WordPress site, scanning your install for vulnerabilities and fixing them automatically. It also backups your site several times a day, so that you can restore it with a click of a button.


Email Address Encoder

Automatically encode every email address in your posts and pages to protect it from spammers and attackers. Uses decimal and hexadecimal entities so there's no Javascript or extra code.

Page, Security

Password Protected

Hide your entire WordPress site behind password protection. Any users visiting your site will be greeted by a login page which prompts them for a password that you specify.


Better WP Security

Gives you a list of security tweaks that you can make for your website in a variety of different categories. Also performs regular database backups in case the worst happens and you need to restore everything.