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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins

Custom Field Suite

Add custom field groups to WordPress with customized field types, like date pickers, repeatable loops, color pickers and more.


Custom Post Widget

Create small blocks of modular content, then output them anywhere on your site using a widget or shortcode button.

Page, Widgets

Customer Area

Set up a private client section of your website where you can store pages, file downloads, and push information to, personalized for each user.

Admin, Page

Stealth Publish

Hide selected posts from your Homepage, RSS Feeds and third party services on WordPress with just the click of a button.


Coming Soon

Add a landing page homepage or maintenance page to your site temporarily, with a custom, responsive design and lots of options.


Easy Custom Auto Excerpt

Automatically add an excerpt instead of full content to your homepage and archive pages and customize the output size and look.

Admin, Page

CodePen oEmbed

Enable oEmbed functionality for CodePens in WordPress, allowing you to simply copy and paste a URL to automatically embed it.

Developer, Page

Testimonials by WooThemes

Create simple product testimonials and then post them on WordPress using a quick and easy shortcode. Testimonials are left unstyled so you can customize it yourself.


WP RSS Aggregator

Output RSS feeds on your website using a simple shortcode. You can control how these feeds are displayed and what feed items to show.


DW Question & Answer

Set up a personalized KnowledgeBase or question and answer section on your WordPress site, with AJAX support and customizable permissions and notifications.

Comments, Page