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Use a drag and drop panel in the WordPress admin to automatically rearrange and sort your posts in whatever output you want, then see the effects immediately.

Nsp Code

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Easy Pricing Tables plugin

Easy Pricing Tables

Add pricing tables to your WordPress using a simple to use GUI editor, then output them on any page using a shortcode. Supports multiple pricing tables and as many columns as you want.

David Hehenberger

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WP PageNavi

Upgrade the pagination in your WordPress install with a single line of code. You can edit the text of next and previous links, customize what is shown and tweak it's output.

Lester Chan & scribu

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A new approach to adding toggles to your site, using a custom post type to store all of the content, and then a button or shortcode to output it on your site as a tab, toggle button, or accordion.

Justin Tadlock

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Sugar Events Calendar Lite

Set up events in a custom post type, with details such as time, date and details of event. Then, use a shortcode to add an AJAX-enabled, simplistic calendar to posts or pages.


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Advanced WP Columns

Create responsive columns in WordPress posts and pages using a GUI in the WYSIWYG editor with some very simple markup. Settings to customize output.

Vladica Savic



Add IDs to Header Tags

Every header in WordPress posts will have a unique ID tag added to it, so that it can be easily linked to using a hashtag URL format. There will also be inline links for easy bookmarking.

George Stephanis



Iframely Responsive Embeds

Take the oEmbed functionality of WordPress and make it automatically responsive. It uses the Iframely API so there is support for literally hundreds of link types, including YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and more.

Itteco Corp.

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Google Doc Embedder

Embed a variety of filetypes (PDF, DOC, CSV, etc.) right in the browser using the Google Viewer API. Embed documents with a shortcode or an extra button in the WYSIWYG Editor.

Kevin Davis

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YOP Poll

Easily create polls on your WordPress posts and pages, and put them anywhere with a shortcode. The plugin can be as robust as you need it to be, and provides plenty of options for expanding the functionality and customizing your polls.





Add or import a table from a variety of different formats, then add it to your posts and pages with the use of a shortcode. Uses Javascript for advanced functionality like sorting and pagination, which can be customized at output.

Tobias Bäthge

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