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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins

Gator Cache

Significantly increase the performance of your site with static caching while keeping things simple and easy to use.

Developer, Performance, Tutorials

WP LESS Compiler

Compress and output LESS files as CSS stylesheets on the fly, right from the WordPress admin with the click of a button.


Airplane Mode

Use Airplane Mode when you are developing WordPress sites locally without an active Internet connection, like when you're on an airplane. It takes care of the rest.


User Meta Display

Easily access the metadata associated with any user on your WordPress site, and add, edit or delete it right from the admin.

Developer, Users

Device Mockups

Easily show content across a range of devices in WordPress using a simple shortcode for Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and more.

Developer, Page


A theme options framework which features a simple API that can be used to add a range of customization options to your theme, such as a color picker, time, sliders, and more.

Developer, Theme

Ninja Demo

A premium plugin that allows you to easily create a demo site so users can test drive your WordPress plugin or theme with just a few options.

Developer, Multisite


Scans any SASS files in your theme, and automatically compiles them down to CSS whenever changes are made.


CodePen oEmbed

Enable oEmbed functionality for CodePens in WordPress, allowing you to simply copy and paste a URL to automatically embed it.

Developer, Page


Strongly influenced by Salt, a proper provisioning tool for WordPress, stored in a portable and transportable YAML config file for collaboration.