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Device Mockups

Easily show content across a range of devices in WordPress using a simple shortcode for Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and more.

Justin Peacock

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A theme options framework which features a simple API that can be used to add a range of customization options to your theme, such as a color picker, time, sliders, and more.

Aristeides Stathopoulos

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Ninja Demo

A premium plugin that allows you to easily create a demo site so users can test drive your WordPress plugin or theme with just a few options.

WP Ninjas

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Scans any SASS files in your theme, and automatically compiles them down to CSS whenever changes are made.

Connect Think


CodePen oEmbed

CodePen oEmbed

Enable oEmbed functionality for CodePens in WordPress, allowing you to simply copy and paste a URL to automatically embed it.

Pippin Williamson

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Strongly influenced by Salt, a proper provisioning tool for WordPress, stored in a portable and transportable YAML config file for collaboration.

Daniel Bachhuber



WordPress Reset

"Nuke" your entire WordPress database and take it back to square one. Useful for WordPress developers working with plugins or themes.

Matt Martz

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The Timber framework brings the PHP Twig template system to WordPress, making theme development a easier with extendable templates and increased performance.

Jared Novack + Upstatement

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Gist GitHub Shortcode

Using a simple shortcode, you can embed any GitHub gist into posts or pages, or specify a file within a gist to embed.

Claudio Sanches


WordPress Duplicator Plugin

WordPress Duplicator

Make a copy of your site's database and files, and then upload a special script via FTP to any server and easily move all of your site's contents in minutes.


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WP Crontrol Plugin

WP Crontrol

View all of the cron events in a manageable list, and run them immediately, or set up your own custom cron events based on existing WordPress hooks or customizable PHP code.

Edward Dale & John Blackbourn