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WordPress Duplicator Plugin

WordPress Duplicator

Make a copy of your site's database and files, and then upload a special script via FTP to any server and easily move all of your site's contents in minutes.


Admin  Developer  

WP Crontrol Plugin

WP Crontrol

View all of the cron events in a manageable list, and run them immediately, or set up your own custom cron events based on existing WordPress hooks or customizable PHP code.

Edward Dale & John Blackbourn



Simple Custom CSS

Add custom CSS classes to WordPress using a simple text box in the admin panel, injected into every page on your site. CSS is added for optimal performance.

John Regan


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Real Time Find and Replace

Search your WordPress install for a string of text or a block of HTML and replace it with whatever you want. Support for Regular Expressions.

Marios Alexandrou

Admin  Developer  


Restricted Site Access

Access settings in the WordPress admin and add a single or a range of IP addresses, and chose what page to send users to if they are blocked from view.

Jake Goldman

Developer  Security  


Query Monitor

Get a running list of MySQL queries on each page using a link in your admin bar. Groups queries together by different parameters and troubleshoot performance issues and errors.

John Blackbourn

Admin  Developer  Performance  


System Snapshot Report

Get information about your WordPress install, with additional information about your server and browser, including detailed info about PHP configuration and WP Config info.

Reaktiv Studios




Associate posts with media attachments and metadata, then output this data in your theme files using an extensive API with several functions and a custom Loop.

Jonathan Christopher

Admin  Developer  Media  


Theme Mentor

A perfect companion to Theme Check, find some common errors that plagues theme development, and easily find where in your theme file the problem is located so you can make it a quick fix. Check any theme installed on WordPress.




Broken Link Checker

Check for broken links in your site, and list them all in one place. Make quick checks and fixes, and specify exactly where on your WordPress install to check and how often.

Janis Elsts

Admin  Developer  


UK Cookie Consent

Let your users know about the use of cookies on your site with a simple to use and customizable fixed bar that informs every user to the site that cookies are being used, and links to a pre-populated page with more information.


Developer  Security