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Global Content Blocks

Create tiny chunks of reusable content, including text, forms, and PHP code, and then add them to posts or pages with a shortcode or TinyMCE button.

Ben Magrill

Admin  Editing  


Media File Renamer

Automatically change the filenames of uploaded images based on titles and easily edit images to have logical and meaningful names.

Jordy Meow

Admin  Media  


WP Slimstat

Track users and pageviews on your WordPress site and view them from a dashboard in the WordPress admin, stored in your own database.


Admin  SEO  

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Automatic Post Scheduler

Set an interval of time between each one of your posts and make sure that there is a proper time interval between each one.

Tudor Sandu, Kaspars Dambis

Admin  Editing  


Peter’s Login Redirect

Redirect a user anywhere on your site after they login, and customize rules for each user or user role or with advanced settings.

Peter Keung



Custom Login

Easily customize the WordPress login screen, add your own logo, change the color and typography, and upload a custom background image.

Austin Passy



New User Approve

Moderate new users coming to your site, so you have to manually approve each user, via email or within the settings screen, that signs up.

Josh Harrison

Admin  Users  



Specify a maximum size for images uploaded to WordPress. If any image exceeds that size, it will automatically scale it down, on the fly.

Jason Hinkle

Admin  Media  


Slash Admin

The WordPress admin can be customized in all sorts of ways. Tweak the front-end and back-end settings for admin users.

Giorgos Sarigiannidis



Menu Humility

In WordPress, some plugins will try to place their menu at the top of the admin. Menu Humility pushes these menu items to the bottom, where they belong.

Mark Jaquith




Bundle together a collection of plugins from WP.org and around the web, then install them all at once automatically on your site.

Stuart Starr