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WP Google Fonts

Insert any Google Font into your WordPress site, then simply select what elements you want to apply that font too in the admin panel, with support for custom CSS.

Adrian Hanft, Aaron Brown

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WordPress Duplicator Plugin

WordPress Duplicator

Make a copy of your site's database and files, and then upload a special script via FTP to any server and easily move all of your site's contents in minutes.


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Tabify Edit Screen Plugin

Tabify Edit Screen

Choose which pieces of the WordPress editor to group together, so that it's a little bit more organized. Customize for each post type, and turn on or off with a checkbox.

Marko Heijnen

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Post Types Order

Use a drag and drop panel in the WordPress admin to automatically rearrange and sort your posts in whatever output you want, then see the effects immediately.

Nsp Code

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WP Hotkeys Plugin

WP Hotkeys

Easily add keyboard shortcuts for every menu item in the WordPress admin, and completely customize which shortcuts are used, and whether to show hints.




Google Publisher

Easily connect your WordPress site to Google's Webmaster Tools, or automatically insert Adsense ads on your site with a preview and drag and drop interface.



WP Crontrol Plugin

WP Crontrol

View all of the cron events in a manageable list, and run them immediately, or set up your own custom cron events based on existing WordPress hooks or customizable PHP code.

Edward Dale & John Blackbourn



Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Add an email notification box to the bottom of comments in WordPress so users are told when their comments are replied to or when comment threads are new.

camu, Reedyseth, Raam Dev



Edit Flow

Manage a WordPress site with multiple authors, send notifications on post updates, comment on posts and pages, customize post statuses, and refine the post editor.

Daniel Bachhuber, Scott Bressler, Mohammad Jangda, Automattic, and others

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Simple Custom CSS

Add custom CSS classes to WordPress using a simple text box in the admin panel, injected into every page on your site. CSS is added for optimal performance.

John Regan



Comment Images

Easily allow the users of your WordPress install post images to comments by using a simple upload button at the bottom of each comment thread.

Tom McFarlin

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