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Tidy Repo is Now an Open Source Project

I am opening up Tidy Repo as an open source project, where anybody can get involved in it's future, in return for an equity share using the platform Assembly.



WP User Frontend Pro

Build forms so that users can edit posts and user profiles from your WordPress site's frontend, support for login and registration too.

Editing, Page

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Recent plugin reviews

Voice Search

Add a microphone icon to your search form which allows users to use their devices microphone in speech activated search.



Clean up and optimize your database by removing unused metadata, post revisions, and leftover data from plugins, among other things.

Developer, Performance

Help Me Find a Plugin
Need Help Finding a Plugin?

We've been doing this a long time, and we've tested thousands of WordPress plugins. Let us find the right one for you, and give you a tried, tested and approved recommendation.


Easily add a simple message to the top or bottom of your page that only slides in when a user is on your site for a set period of time.

Page, Theme

Paid Plugin


Back up, restore, migrate, and give yourself peace of mind. Use this plugin to schedule backups, store them in the cloud, and restore from them at any time.

Admin, Backup

Private Content Login Redirect

Make sure that guest users accessing private pages are redirected to the right place, your site's login page.

Admin, Users

Paid Plugin


Allows you to upload data from a CSV, Excel, or even a serialized array, and produces a fully responsive data table for your WordPress site.

Admin, Page

Stop Emails

Automatically suspend outgoing emails on your WordPress install, and optionally log emails for debugging.

Admin, Developer

A New Way to Find Plugins

Starting today, we'll be offering a recommendation service, so you can hire us to find that perfect plugin you've been looking for.